Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lawn and Tree Service Recommendations for Kiawah Island

If you don't live on Kiawah Island full time, you may just come to visit during the summer and say "What the heck happened to my yard"  Hiring a reasonable, qualified, reliable company to take care of a lawn that you may not see for many months can be daunting.  But fear no more, here are the Lawn Service Recommendations given by the homeowners on Kiawah Island.

"We switched to Polo Velasquez almost exactly a year ago. We have been very happy with the results. When we came back in Sept. we were shocked at how good the lawn looked. Polo has been around for years. We feel his rates are fair as is the charges for extras we have had done, like
some african iris on the right side in the front. His contact number is 843-303-3730. Good luck"  Note for the reader, Polo received many accelades for his wonderful service and that is why I am placing him in the first position on this post! "Cell 843 303-3730. Office 843 559-1570"

"We have Steve Hewett do our lawn work. He is also very good at taking care of the sprinkling system. His phone is 559-9724. Steve is a retired fireman."

"We use Twin OaksMarisio is very knowledgeable about plants, and assists us with  our watering system.  He can be reached at 514-2505."
"Al Landscape Solutions, Travis Ellis, 843 297 1304, does a nice job for us."

"Mario Vasquez  303-5307.  Wonderful work ethic. .. "I don't do good work because someone is
watching, I do it because I want to be proud of what I do."  "Mario Vasquez is the first landscaper (of many, many,  many) that we can enthusiastically recommend.  As part timers, previous landscapers took advantage of our absence  and did little or nothing.  Now, after so many years of poor service, we take great delight  in arriving unannounced and finding the hedges clipped, the lawns tidy and  the garden beds edged." 
"I use Walter Gordon, 843-607-7444.  He handles all our weekly maintenance and special projects and is very reliable. He lives just off the island which has been very handy as we are very part time residents and has been with us for 5 years."
"We use Green Jeans and think them wonderful"

"Perennial Landscapes - 343-7304"

"We had Cruz put in planting and take out our lawn and a year later despite weekly fees, they neglected to address the non functioning watering system (we paid to make sure it was OK, but it never came on in the spring and they never told us or the rental agency)."

"We just started using Sebastian's Lawn & Landscape. Sebastian used to work for Sunnyside. He is doing a great job and his prices are reasonable.  He also got rid of the MOLES (a problem no one has solved for me).  Tell him I recommended you.  Sebastian's Phone; 843 437-6597"

"We have been quite pleased with Jim and Son 795-0036."
"We have been very happy with Supergreen.  They finished what our other landscaper did not and they are anxious to please."  "David Kalfa, Supergreen  Work:  843 559 1486
Mobile:  (he never answers BUT...will return your call)  843 906  3820
Pager:  843 973 5787
P.O. Box 1375
Johns Island, SC 29455"

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Also I am including Tree Service companies recommendations in this post.

 "I have had great success with Brian Millimum of Arbor Care."

"We have used Brian at Arborcare a number of times -  to cut down a large pine tree very close to our home and to do some annual trimming.  He has always been reliable and leaves the area as neat as is possible.  Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the Aguayo service - we did have a few issues with them that Brian ended up fixing for us."  "I agree and he is also very good at getting permission from the ARB for the tree cutting as well."  Brian received many many recommendations for his services.
"I have used Cruz tree service and been very satisfied.  I might add that Cruz trimmed the trees on Turtle Point golf course."

"Rawson trees is a great co Randy Rawson very knowledgeable."

If you are a company listed as a recommendation and your contact information is incorrect or missing please leave a comment at the end of the page and your contact information will be corrected.


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